How to Format Windows 7

How to Format Windows 7 – Install Windows 7 Easily

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How to Format Windows 7: Hello everyone today we are discussing about the windows 7 format problems and solutions how to format the windows 7 now in this way we explain the more information about

The windows 7 many more people troubled with the windows 7 now you don’t worry about this problem here we explain the very easy and simple process to remove or format the windows 7

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How to Format Windows 7 | How to Install Windows 7

Using CD / DVD Disk: now your follow the more information on the how-to format the windows 7 using with CD or DVD here you follow the below steps next to your easily solve and easily install the Windows 7

  • Now you enter the computers bios
  • Turn off the computer you want to install the windows on next turn back on
  • Now your presses Del, Esc, f2, f10 enter the bios keys that have usually shown the screen
  • Next, find the bios boot options menu may vary in location from the illustration
  • First boot device of your computer select the CD ROM drive
  • After you press, the button on indicated it’s on the screen from the bios menu to save your configuration
  • Now choosing the shutdown option to turn off your computer in your operating system
  • Here your power on the pc and insert the Windows 7 disc in your DVD or cd drive
  • Start the computer from your disk after you have placed the disc into the disc drive
  • Start your computer the computer starts, press a key if you are asked if you would like to boot from the disc by pressing any key
  • After you choose to start from the disc, Windows Setup will begin loading
  • Here you choose the windows set up option set up will be loads
  • Select your language, and keyboard type and time or currency format
  • And click next.
  • Click the install now button
  • Accept all terms and condition button
  • One time you’ve decided on where to install Windows select it and click next
  • Windows will begin installing

with USB pen drive | How to Format Windows 7

how to create hard disk partitions:

  • Now you’re open the computer management tool
  • After selecting the disk management tool
  • Here you have to do right click on the partitions and select the shrink volume option
  • Enter the size of the driver in megabytes next click the shrink button
  • Now create the new volume button
  • Again enter the new partition size
  • And your selected the volume type and disk selected and file system
  • Next format the new volume
  • Here you should see your new drive in the disk management window

Windows 7 USB install | Install Windows 7 with Using USB Pend Drive

  • Open this tool from your programs Click on Browse button and Select Windows 7 ISO file and click Open
  • Next click on the USB device as used to create a Windows 7 bootable USB drive
  • After selecting the USB letters from the drop-down box
  • Click begin copying after the process is completed the USB is now bootable
  • Turn off your computer and plug-in USB Now Turn on PC and boot from USB
  • Now your successfully done the install windows 7 using with USB