Dell keyboard not working – keyboard doesn’t work

Dell keyboard not working – You sit in front of your dell laptop turn on as usual when your laptop gets access to Windows system you notice that you cannot type anything wired it works all fine last time.

Reset assured you’re not alone many dell users have the same problem with you more import you can fix this issue easily

yourself read In this guide and follow the step by step guide to troubleshoot the problem on your laptop.

Laptop Dell keyboard not working how to fix

Your laptop keyboard, not a work issue could be caused by different reasons here we will be telling you 3 easy but helpful solutions.

Reset your laptop

One of the easiest solve your keyboard not working problem is to restart your laptop some user found that restart really made their keyboard

work again at once, thus try to restart your laptop firstly if your keyboard still doesn’t work no pain try another solution listed below.

Uninstall your dell laptop keyboard driver

Your laptop keyboard not working error always caused by driver issues, in this case, try to reinstall your keyboard driver

Since your keyboard doesn’t work connect your laptop with a mouse either wired or Bluetooth one goes on with the following steps.

  • Find click on the control panel from the start menu
  • Choose the device manager when view by a large icon
  • Find the keyboard section and right-click on your keyboard driver software
  • And click on the uninstall device
  • When it completes uninstalling restart your dell laptop
  • And windows will reinstall the keyboard driver automatically
  • Check if your keyboard could work properly

If unluckily your keyboard still stops working