Windows 7 Update Not Downloading – Trouble Shooting Error

Windows 7 Update Not Downloading: Hello Everyone Windows7 Updating Problem Accurse? Need Help For You? Don’t Worry Here is Solution for Windows7 Update Not Downloading Error!!

Windows Update is Very Risky Process For New Windows7 Users Most of Peoples Facing Error is Windows7 Update Cannot Be Download Some Times Download Process Stops at 0%Kb Now I Explain Some Tips

For Download Windows7 Update Need to Follow Below Steps They 1) Run Troubleshooter 2) Reset Windows Update Service 3) Update Windows Update Agent 4) Download Update Manually 5) Perform a Clean Boot

Please Follow Below Guidance and Get Windows7 Update Successful Thank You For Reading Want Any Doubts or Know More Information Please Click Below Given Link…

Windows 7 Update Not Downloading

Windows 7 Update Not Downloading Error:

Please Follow Below Steps…

Need to Run Troubleshooter:

  1. First of All Need to Open Control Panel By Clicking Start Menu
  2. Next Type Troubleshooter in Search Bar Next Select Troubleshooter From List
  3. New Window Open Next Select System Security
  4. Next Select Fix Problem Windows Update
  5. Next New Dialogue Box Will Appears Next Click on Next

Need to Reset Windows Update Service:

  1. First Need to Press At a Time Window Logo and R Key on Key Board
  2. Next Type Services.msc and Click ok to Continue
  • New Window Appears Select Windows Update From List and Select Restart
  1. Next Windows Restart Will Complete in Some Seconds

Need to Update Windows Agent:

  1. First of all, Need to Go to this Microsoft support website about Windows Update Agent
  2. Next New Window Appears Next Click on Stand-alone Packages for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
  3. Click on Download the Installation Package Suitable for Your Operating System
  4. Next open Downloaded File and Click to Install Follow Guidance
  5. Next Computer Will Restart Next Installation Process Should Completes

Need to Download Update Manually:

  1. First of all Open Start Menu Next Type Update and Click Ok
  2. Next Select Windows Update From Result
  3. Next Select Update Available Next Update Will Shown In Popup
  4. Note the Update Code of the Update you Want to Download
  5. Next, Go to Windows Download Center and search the Code Which You Seen
  6. Next Scroll Down to Click on the Result you are Going to Download Under this Category
  7. Download Update Which Available and open Download it
  8. Next Click to Install and Use it