USB burning tool – Am logic Download

USB burning tool– Each android TV box has its own specific set of software called the firmware like any piece of technology its import to keep it updated so if your device is an am logic.

USB burning tool - Am logic Download 1

Download burning tool v2.1.6

In this post, we bring you USB burning tool Am logic Download tell you how you can update the firmware of the Android TV box

you can find the download link and install guide below usually android TV box has firmware files with image extensions its quite different other firmware files have multiple files.

V2.0.5.15 from here downloads am logic USB burning tool

Am logic Download free Version

How to use Am logic USB burning tool

  • Download am logic USB burning tool
  • Extract the archive and run the setup file to install the tool
  • Start the burning tool
  • Click on the file import image and select your specific image firmware for your am log device
  • Make sure that you am logic device is power off
  • With the USB OTG port connected to your PC
  • Use a toothpick to press the recovery button and power the device
  • The USB burning tool should automatically detect your device
  • Click on the start button to proceed with the firmware update which should last minutes.

How to Install an Am logic Burning Tool on Computer

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This will only work on a Windows PC and will update am logic-based Android TV box that has image firmware not a zip-based firmware with 5 files inside

but a single file update image ending with an image you can download all available am logic TV box software here.

You will need admin permission in order to run this on your Windows PC.