No Boot Device Found Windows 10 – How to Fix Problem

No Boot Device Found Windows 10:Hi Hello Everyone  Normally System Sometimes Not Work Properly Or Run Slowly No Boot Device Found In Windows 10 We Need To Fix This Problems

System Sometimes not Install Apps Or Anything Works  Not Properly and Sometimes Computer Gone hangs Have Chances To Lose Data Don’t Worry Solution

Here I Explained Below How to Reset Windows 10 Using Restore Point Method This Is Easy Process To Solve Windows 10 No Boot Device Found Windows 10 Problems Keep Follow Below Steps…

No Boot Device Found Windows 10

How to Fix No Boot Device Found In Windows 10: 

Please Make Sure Your Hard Drive Connected or Not Please Follow Steps to Solve Hard Disk Problem

First Step:  Need to Click on Power Button to Turn Off Computer

2nd Step: Next Step Again Click On Power Button Now Click On F10 Button step More Times Up to Enter BIOS Settings Menu With Version Different Keys Need To Click Like F12, F11, F9, F2…

3rd Step: in Next You Can See BIOS Settings Menu Now Click On F9 Key to Open and Load BIOS Setup Default Settings

Fourth Step: Next Again Need To Click On F10 Button to Save Default Settings And Now Exit To Next Process

Fifth Step: You Can See In Next Dialogue Box Save Change Yes Or No Using Arrow Key Select Yes and Click Enter Button Exit and Save Changes

Six Steps: Restart Your Computer after Restart You Didn’t See Any Popup Message Your Computer Is Successfully or You Can See any Popup Message You Need To Follow Below Steps

Diagnose Hard Drive: No Boot Device Found Windows 10

Hard disk Checking Boot Device Order Next Process Need to Check Boot Device

Status Its Working or Not Normally Boot Device Not Found Error Accurse

Hard Disk Damaged or Properly Not Connected Please Make Sure  Turn on Computer

  1. First Turn On Your PC And Insert AC Adapter Into Computer
  2. Press The Power Button (Up To 3-5 Seconds) To Turn OFF Computer
  3. Next Step Again Click Power Button To Start Computer
  4. And Press ESC Button in Every Second  Up To See Menu Now Press F2 Key
  5. Run CHKDSK to see if there are corrupted bad sectors or cracked Microchip
  6. Next Above Process Please download diagnostic software to help you with hard disk issues
  7. Next Step Up Hard disk, your internal hard disk has cracked chips and cannot be
  8. on any computer, please do not the plugin
  9. other hard disks to your PC

Hard disk Not Detected Click Here

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