Make Bootable USB Windows 7 – 100 % Working Process

Make Bootable USB windows 7: 100 % Working Process and Easy Method

  1. Make USB Bootable Windows 7 Using Software Power ISO…
  2. Download Software Power ISO…
  3. Install Power ISO in Computer System or Laptop
  4. Connect Flash Drive USB Pen Drive to Computer System
  5. Next Run As Administrator and Open Power ISO Software Program
  6. Go to Menu Top Left Tools Next Choose and Click On Create Bootable Pen Drive
  7. Next Select Source Image File on Click Right Side Button Give Image File Location to This Software
  8. Next Select Destination USB Drive (Exp: King Stone Storage Media (E: 8 GB)
  9. Click Setting Type USB-HDD Then Click Start Will Show You All Date On The USB Drive Will Be Overwritten Do You Want to Continue…. Click Ok
  10. This Process Take While 10 To 15 Minutes
  11. Last Option Pap up Shown You Writing USB drive Successful Click Ok
  12. Your USB Drive Ready to Boot and Installation Windows 7

Make Bootable USB Windows 7

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Make Bootable USB Windows 7 ISO / IMG File Using Software Power ISO:

First Need for Bootable ISO File Downloads or Make

Have a Windows CD/DVD Installation Disk

Next Insert Disk in DVD Writer on Computers System

Copy DVD File (Open My Computer on Desktop and Right Click On DVD Drive Then Click Copy Disk

Then Paste In New folder On Desktop Or any Other Drives

Open and Run As Administrator Power ISO Program

Copy the Windows 7 Disk Files from Saved Folder Then Paste on Power ISO Program

Next, Go to Menu of Power ISO and Click Save As Select Save File On Desktop And Give File Name and Save AS Type Standard ISO Images (*.iso)

Next Click save Button

See On Desktop Windows 7 ISO File Successfully Created By Power ISO Software

  1. Windows 7 Installation Process With USB Bootable Flash Drive

More Create Bootable USB Windows, Software List:

  1. Refus
  2. Power ISO
  3. Win Tobootic
  4. RMPrepUSB
  5. Universal USB Installer
  6. YUMI
  7. UNetbootin
  8. Linux Live USB creator
  9. Win SetUp From USB
  10. Win USB Maker
  11. XBoot
  12. Windows Bootable Image Creator
  13. Flash Boot
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