How To Make Pen Drive Bootable -Download Tool

How to make pen drive bootable: Now we will learn how to make pen drive bootable How to use the original pen drive Let me tell you that we have used CD or DVDs to install Windows

before DATA Storage is less common on CD or DVD Usage of USB Usage to store large amounts of data to follow this procedure,

you need a USB Flash Drive And how to use it is very simple Now it is very useful I can tell you how to do it Now I will tell you how to do it If you follow it you will get good results

create Bootable USB Software Download

How To Make pen Drive Bootable

Windows Information:  Any Windows Software easily should be Makeable Bootable Supported USB Flash Drive 

Window 10 – Windows 10 Pro 32/64 Bits

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Windows 8 32/64 Bits

Windows 7- Windows7 32/64 Bits

Microsoft Windows XP – Windows XP 32/64 Bits

Windows Vista – Windows Vista 32/64 Bits

How To Make Pen Drive Bootable Software step by step

First, let’s open your computer and open the web page

First of all, you need to download Windows Software from Microsoft STORE

The downloaded file appears on the screen

This can be used in the next order

HOW TO MAKE BOOTABLE PENDRIVE IN WINDOWS: Let us now learn how to boot the PEN DRIVE using the Command Prompt

  1. Your computer is on the first
  2. Now USB port to your computer USB port
  3. all programs should appear in the CMD box
  4. Now in the CMD box, write the disk part and ok and search
  5. Now the new command dialogue box will open
  6. the USB drive that  attached to our computer
  7. Now in the command prompt write list disk and enter the name of the disk
  8. on the computer which connected to our computer
  9. in the command prompt write the USB drive name and press Enter
  10. you  enter the command prompt in clean and Next enter
  11. Now let us select the partition to boot USB USB and it must select partition 1 and create a command
  12. to format the USB, use the fs-NTFS command
  13. If the type is active, it becomes active
  14. enter the exit and enter the command