How to make DVD Bootable – Easily burn Bootable DVD

Learn How To Make Bootable DVD Disk or USB Drive… How to make DVD Bootable: You need to have USB drive or DVD drive to have Minimum 4 GB of space USB And Way to simple Make USB of 8 GB Pen Drive or  Windows 10 for Windows 7

It’s easy to install windows with USB in the earliest, now let’s install the USB using the USB by installing Windows I will explain how you will follow And Learn Today About How to make DVD Bootable Disk…

How to make DVD Bootable

Download and Install | How to make DVD Bootable

Please follow the procedure in the serial order

First, you need to download the software that Microsoft provides for free

Open the web page and select Microsoft USB / DVD Tool to download

Now you need to install the downloaded file

Now How to Create Bootable USB Drive with windows DVD&USB Tool

We need ISO Disk Image file to follow this procedure

If you are not on your computer, you need to download it from the Microsoft Store Account

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Next, you need to install it

  1. Open the downloaded ISO file
  2. Next, select the Browse option in the dialog box and select the ISO file to Ok
  3. Now you have to put a USB or DVD drive to your computer
  4. Next, USB and DVD options are available in Media Type
  5. Choose one of these to start the copy process
  6. If the USB drive is not had to Space the files in it is erase
  7. Next, we see that USB bootable on our screen is successful
  8. Now you can install windows using this USB

Friends, you can follow this simple procedure

Using the Windows USB/DVD Tool:

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