How to Install Windows 7 From USB & Pen drive

How to install windows 7 from USB: 100 Working Process 

This process is 100% Successful and Easy to get Good RESULT If you’re looking for Easy Way it’s very useful A CD or DVDs to install windows And replace these USB flash drive by installing Windows

Make USB Pen Drive use Full For Lifetime This Process Very Easy To Burn And Windows Installing And Very Fast To Install Windows On You Computers Systems And Laptops

You Required Pen For Make USB Bootable Pen drive Minimum 4 GB Of Flash Drive Maximum No Limit Now Learn How To Install Windows 7 From USB…..

How to install windows 7 from USB

How to Install Windows 7 From USB DOWNLOAD TOOL :

This is a much easier process to use the USB flash drive as a bootable USB drive to use Microsoft tools and if you follow these processes step by step

  1. Download this ISO file with the Microsoft Store
  2. It can be download anytime if you download it
  3. Shortcut created on the desktop
  4. double click On the process
  5. we have to install the USB drive in the USB port
  6. we know that many disks are active on my computer
  7. Create a USB drive with a primary partition
  8. Windows 7 copy of the ISO files copied to all USB drive
  9. Erase process must be erased and now USB drive bootable drive will change
  10. Now unplug the USB drive and install windows 7 and install it
  11. Now the USB flash drive becomes a bootable flash drive

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