How to factory reset windows 8 – Step By Step Guide

How to factory reset windows 8: Hi to all of my viewers today we explain about the factory reset windows 8 Friends we have gathered and more information of factory reset of Windows 8

now is collect the total computers or laptops and many more company systems like Samsung, pop, Lenovo all windows 8 systems information is there. In these windows,

you can set naturally image password and picture password, and in this window recover your password. we explain about the factory reset windows 8 each one we are telling your in this article to read continually…

How to factory reset windows 8

How to factory reset windows 8 | Install and restart

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  • The factory reset windows is after the reinstall and restart the system work
  • quickly and first to implement the documents follow these given steps…
  • Next, the factory reset windows 8 in refresh it works first and all of your personal files documents are store
  • in these windows After this one is all of the download files like games java all are removed.
  • Now reset the factory windows many things are like smartphones are reset
  • and the main thing is all files like all programs and personal files these windows stored in your pc after,
  • Next, all of this windows8 factory reset refresh and reset your windows
  • friends follow this information to factory restart and reinstall your windows 8
  • given bellow first thing your followed computer or laptop with you can think all applications including Skype.
  • The first thing you are doing windows key you do first click the settings and press the pc change settings and general
  • Second one of these way you see the options you
  • SCroll click your computer and laptop
  • without refreshing affecting your files
  • The third one is the click the start button and starts the pc
  • The fourth one-step system refresh after you click the refresh button
  • again the system will be refresh after few minutes
  • Final, your computer or laptop in their documents is back to after refresh your system will use as it is

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