how to change wifi password tp link – router in pc

Any wireless router IP address and user name password you see router back side of the sticker

How to open router IP address type on browsers URL

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  • First, make sure your computer is connected to the land cable RJ45 plug
  • And open a web browser
  • Enter the your browsers address bar
  • default: WIFI password Admin
  • default SSID password: Admin
  • Enter the routers
  • And user name and password
  • Click on wireless
  • Click on the wireless security
  • Scroll on down
  • And check WPA-PSK/WAP2PSK box
  • Type in a new password

TP-link default:  WIFI password Admin

TP-link default SSID password:  Admin

Change WIFI password & user name step by step details

how to change wifi password tp link

Step 1

Open web browser & type LAN IP address of the wireless ADSL router in the address bar. And press the enter the default IP address of OTP link ADSL router is

Step 2

Type the username & password in the login page the default user name and password are both admins in lowercase.

Step 3

Click on management access control password on the left page and type the old password and new password.

Step 4                                                                  

Click on save & apply to save the setting.

Type of wireless router & modems those are

TP-link wireless router

D-link wireless router

Net gear Gigabit wireless router

JIO FI 5 wireless router

Tenda WIFI router

Asus Gigabit wireless router

Digisol DG wireless router

D-link ADSL wireless router for BSNL

I-ball wireless router

Linksys wireless router

OTI minute wireless router

Trend net wireless router

Jetstream wireless router

Google FIWI system

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