Epson sx130 adjustment program free download

Epson SX130 printer adjustment program shows problem message the printer ink pad end of the life service and your Epson SX130 adjustment program

the printer has red light is a blinking problem you have to download and reset your Epson SX130 printer and waste ink pad counter.

Epson SX130 printer reset and water ink pad counter


Download Epson SX130 Resetter

How to reset the Epson sx130 adjustment program step by step Guide…

  • First, turn on your printer
  • And connect the USB cable
  • Epson Stylus SX130 Download Resetter
  • Extract file (password: no)
  • Click open AdjProg.exe – Accept
  • And particular adjustment mode
  • Click on ok button waste ink pad counter
  • Give checkbox Main Pad Counter
  • and FL Box Counter
  • Click Check the OK
  • Click on OK button Initialization
  • Finish and close adjustment program Epson Stylus SX130
  • Turn off your printer and turn on back.

Epson sx130 adjustment program waste ink pad counter overflow errors

Epson SX130 printer adjustment program and every Epson SX130 printers have an internal waste ink pad counter to collect the waste ink darning the process of cleaning and

printing this ink pad reached full no more printing Epson SX130 will send you a warning message and refuse to function.

Waste ink pads counter inside your printer which is responsible for absorbing collecting accommodating unused ink darning

the printing cleaning the printed once this waste ink pad is overflowing your printer to stop working automatically.